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  • How to Cope with the Stress of Inflation

    Unless you’ve been living under a proverbial rock, you no doubt are aware that inflation is the highest it’s been in decades. From gas at the pumps to food and utilities, most of us are struggling to make ends meet. And without question, this is causing massive stress.

    If you are feeling intense stress from the impact of inflation, here are some things you can do:

    Be Honest

    One of the worst things you can do when feeling stress and anxiety is to pretend you’re not. Be honest with yourself and others about what you’re feeling. The old saying goes, “The squeaky wheel gets the oil.” Ignoring your feelings or pretending they aren’t there will only make them louder and louder.

    Get Your Mind Off of Things

    Equally important as being honest about your stress is not obsessing over it. You really need to unplug from the stress of the economy and distract yourself with something. Mindless activities are actually a great way to quiet those stressful thoughts. Go for a run. Clean your kitchen. Watch an old movie. Whenever the anxiety begins to creep up, stop and do an activity that will calm you.

    Find Joy

    It’s important to step back and recognize that no matter how crazy the world gets and no matter how stressed we are, there is still plenty of joy all around us. On our darkest days, the sun still shines. Make sure to spend time each day noticing all of those small things that bring joy and happiness into your life. The perfect latte. A sunset. Your child’s laughter. Be thankful for each and every one of these. Gratitude is the great elixir of stress and sadness.

    These are just a few ways you can cope with the stress of inflation. You may also want to speak to someone if your stress turns into unmanageable anxiety or depression. If you’d like to explore treatment options, please reach out to me.